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    Cardiac Anesthesia Made Ridiculously Simple:

    Critical Care Medicine:

    Critical Medicine Tutorials:
    Pulmonary Artery Catheter Education Project:


    ACC/AHA guidelines for perioperative cardiovascular eval:
    ACLS protocols. Great Site:
    University of Minnesota Insulin Protocol:


    Capnography interpretation:

    Regional Websites

    Andrew Gray's Ultrasound Imaging Laboratory:
    Regional Anesthesia Study Center of Iowa:
    New York School of Regional Anesthesia:
    NEURAXIOM UltraSound Guided Nerve Blocks:
    Duke's Regional Anesthesia ABC's:
    Peripheral Regional Anesthesia:
    Ultrasound guided peripheral nerve blocks (of the University of Hong Kong):

    Pain Medicine

    Selected Topics in Pain Medicine - Cases w/CME:
    AMA Pain Management Series -


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    University of Florida's Virtual Anesthesia Machine:
    Bronchoscopy simulator:


    Narcotic converter:
    Drug calculations and dillutions:
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    Transesophageal Echocardiography:

    TEE primer:
    TEE primer:


    Doing a slide show and need medical images?
    ABG and acid base interpretation:
    University of Virginia's Anesthesia Deptartment webiste. Contains many primers for the anesthesia resident:
    Duke University's Website
    American Society of Anesthesiology:
    Anaesthesia database of online resources:
    British site. Full of great links:
    Sermo: Online social network of "60,000 physicians who exchange clinical insights, observations, and review cases in real time — all the time". forum:

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    Perioperative Medicine Summmit:
    Web-Based Introductory Lecture Series:
    Thegascast Anesthesia Podcast:
    Doctor's Guide Anesthesiology Webcasts:
    Traditional and Emerging Approaches to Challenging Cases in Anesthesiology - Case Review/Questions